School year 2019-2020: PHENIKAA University implements 10 key missions

  • 16/09/2019
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At the meeting, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Thanh Huy highlighted some key results of school year 2018-2019. According to him, during the last school year, Phenika University accomplished many achievements in scientific research, student recruitment, attracting outstanding faculty members and staff… Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Thanh Huy happily shared: Until September, the university had achieved its goal for 2019 which is the publication of more than 100 ISI articles.

Regarding human resources, in the last school year, the univeristy attracted outstanding faculty members and staff to join the crew. Until now, the Univeristy has nearly 300 faculty members and staff, among which most are lecturers and scientists graduated from prestigious universities in the world. In terms of student recruitment, the quality of admitted students was significantly higher. The average admission grade of all admitted students this year was 20.9 points, an increase of 7 points from last year, among which the number of students that had admission grades of 24 and up was accounted for 8%.

Besides mentioning the accomplished achievements, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Thanh Huy also pointed out the limitations in the university’s activities during the last school year; from which he enounced the direction and key missions of the new school year. According to Dr. Huy, school year 2019-2020, Phenika University focuses on two main directions: First, consolidating the Univeristy’s management system, identifyng the administration model, improving the capability of the management and administration system, simultanenously focusing on quality and effectiveness of all activities. Second, implementing effective communication, positioning and introduction of Phenika University’s brand to the public and the community.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Thanh Huy is leading the meeting

From those two directions, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Thanh Huy introduced 10 key missions and solutions to be implemented in the school year 2019-2010, including:

  1. Identify the administration model, improve the management and administration system capability;
  2. Build and implement integrated marketing communication plan in order to establish and identify Phenika University’s brand positioning in the education system of Vietnam;
  3. Attract excellent faculty members, staff, researchers and tecnologists to join the university to work, train and improve the academic abilities and professional administrative skills for management team and administrative staff;
  4. Increase the scope, recruitment quality, training quality and effectiveness. Accelerate building international joint training programs.
  5. Advance and improve the effectiveness of scientific research, technology development and cooperation with corporates, industry and international cooperation in scientific research and technology transfer;
  6. Strengthen quality assurance activities, complete quality testing, implement quality testing on 02 training programs;
  7. Complete taking over and put into effective use of the new campus;
  8. Build and improve the quality of student services and build the alumni network;
  9. Accelerate international cooperation activities to attract resources for training activities, scientific research, technology development and transfer;
  10. Continue to complete the financial regulations such as internal spending regulations, wage regulations, staff evaluation regulations…and take social responsibilities of a university seriously.

At the meeting, all the faculty members discussed and shared best practices in training, lecturing, scientific researching activities, commuciation methodologies…contribued ideas to detailed solutions to effectively implement 10 key missions