To abide by the rule of law, to implement transparent administration in accordance with international practice, and to stimulate sustainable development form the essential business spirit that Phenikaa has been pursuing.

Contemplating the business spirit and in respect of our core business strategy, Phenikaa has built a sustainable development strategy which aims to ensure the benefits commensurately between commensuratebusiness efficiency and our responsibilities for customers, employees, society and environment. Following the established strategy, Phenikaa has created and implemented long-term solutions. Significantly, the practice has achieved encouraging results. 

We strongly believe that with our clear strategic direction, commitments and thriving spirit, Phenikaa will accomplish to the fullest extent of the established business obligations without compromising sustainable development. 

With a committed strategy which is “Focusing on the core business of industrial manufacturing, flagship products of eco-friendly materials and hi-tech products and aiming to ensure the benefits commensurately between commensuratebusiness sustainability and a gradual increase of contribution to the society, provision of healthy working environment in the company which is clean, free of dust, toxic and harm for external environment”, Phenikaa identifies key obligations for sustainable development as follow:


Profit is a measure of the efficiency of production and business activities. Profit is also viral for the survival and development of the company. Since Phenikaa was founded, the company has always taken diligent care of our employees’ lives both materially and spiritually and offered satisfying benefits for shareholders and partners. The practice of ensuring the efficiency of production and business activities is conjointly to guarantee that Phenikaa obtains enough resources to fulfill our responsibilities for environment, community and society.  


Becoming a “Green Business” is one of the objectives that Phenikaa has actively pursued. In addition to the stimulation of production and business activities, Phenikaa constantly strives to reduce at full stretch damages to the environment through the development of eco-friendly products, new technology and 100% closed loop manufacturing which secures no waste to the environment.


One of the key principles for every Phenikaa activity is to connect production and business activities with social responsibilities. We take community activity as a bridge between the company and the society and consider the conduction of such activity as our culture. Phenikaa has actively involved in several social and charity projects such as sending help and donation for compatriots affected by natural disasters, providing lifetime care for Vietnamese Heroic Mothers, and sponsoring children in especially difficult circumstances. 


Phenikaa always commits with all our might to provide every employee with the opportunity to maximize their competence and career advancements and to contribute actively to their individual success. Phenikaa creates and constantly maintains our working environment with friendliness, equality, cooperation, solidarity and discipline in which every employee has an equal opportunity for career advancements and in which mutual benefits between the company and employees is guaranteed to retain our employees for long-term development of both parties.

Phenikaa always provides flexible working arrangements and funds for training opportunities to enhance employees’ capacity. We strongly encourage our employees to apply the knowledge and skills obtained from such training into daily work tasks.


Aiming to ensure sustainable environment for the health and safety for our own employees in particular and the whole society in general, Phenikaa has implemented, maintained and constantly improved HSEQ management system including Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001:2007, Social Accountability SA 8000:2014 and Environmental Management ISO 14001:2015.   

By maintaining these 3 systems simultaneously, Phenikaa can declare that we have been able to control tightly and approximately all aspects relating to management of health and safety for employees and environment protection. These practices ensure not only Phenikaa’s compliance with the provisions of the law of Vietnam but also with international standards.


Improving working environment

Aiming to improve working environment, save raw materials and reduce production costs, Phenikaa has implemented KAIZEN 5S – an improvement program across every factory and division of the company and has received enthusiastic response from the employees. At production sites, there are Employees Suggestion Boxes for our employees to send ideas, proposals, recommendations for improvements in several aspects such as quality, safety and environment. Additionally, Phenikaa offers periodical training for our employees to use resources and energy efficiently.

Human resources policy

Human resources development is one of the key issues in our sustainable development strategy. After years of development, Phenikaa has achieved significant achievements, of which the most important asset is the employees, who have high qualifications, enthusiasm and dedication.  


Tax compliance obligations

We are well-aware that government revenue is an important tool for the government to regulate the macro-economy. For that reason, Phenikaa has always fulfilled greatly our duties to the state and contributed to the development of the country’s economy and society.

Phenikaa complies with all tax duties and continuously increases contributions to the government revenue.

Social and community activity

At Phenikaa, we believe that a sustainable business is an organization that realizes and fulfills voluntarily all responsibilities for employees, community and society. In our years of development, Phenikaa has always considered charity activities, providing assistance and care to the community are our cultural and humane characteristics and the company’s responsibility for the society.  


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